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Walk your Way to Wellness - the 10,000 Step Myth!

exercise fat loss fitness health mental health stress managment weight loss well-being Sep 29, 2021

Walking...Anyone can do it, without any specific level of fitness.

The benefits in a 'sat down most of the time' world are also significant.

Walking increases your fitness ♥️ without major exertion or risk of injury as well as improving your mental wellbeing and mindset 🧠.

So What's the Deal with 10,000 Steps?
Do I have to walk 10,000 steps everyday or I won't gain the benefits?

The reason for the 10k step target relates back to a pedometer sold in 1965 by Yamasa Clock in Japan. The device was called “Manpo-kei”, which translates to “10,000 steps meter”. This was a marketing tool for the device and has seemed to have stuck across the world as the daily step target.

There is also a Scientific Reason for the 10k Target.
10k steps per day = 500 calories burnt per day = 3500 calories per week.

3500 calories = One pound of body fat (0.45 kg).

So in theory if you walk 10k steps per day you'll lose nearly half a kilo per week !!

This is convenient but not totally accurate as people expend calories at different rates depending on a number of factors.

I Still Personally Like 10k for a Few Reasons:

1️⃣ It gives you a target

3️⃣ It's challenging

2️⃣ It helps create a habit - especially with technology

However 10k is also a large and daunting number to aim for if you currently do considerable fewer steps than that.

So Why not Start with Less?
Aim for 7,000 steps per day or 5,000 per day and work your way up.

Once you get into a habit you can then try and challenge your number.

Tips for Success

🏹 Choose a target - one that is challenging but realistic

🐕 Track your progress - use a tracking device to make sure you hit your target

👍 Challenge your self - try and increase your target regularly

👉 Challenge others - Throw down the gauntlet to your friends or set up a work challenge to get others involved and help motivate each other as a community

Target Practice
30 mins of walking uses approximately 4,000 steps.

So try 2 brisk 20-30 minute walks per day and you'll be well on your way! 

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