Fast Fit Formula 

14 Day Wellbeing Challenge

Health, Fitness & Well-Being ... made realistic & simple


Plan for successful health & wellbeing

Remove the guesswork and frustration, become the expert & develop a realistic strategy

Simplify your approach to nutrition & fitness

Easy solutions to demystify food, improve your health & sustain your results


Build healthy habits that last

Ditch the fad, build your energy-levels & eliminate opportunity for failure...once and for all


Drive motivation for long term gains

Learn to harness the pillars of motivation, habit forming and sustainable well-being

What Will I Achieve in 14 Days?

After 14 days you will have a positive outcome and all the well-being knowledge, fitness insights, motivation techniques, nutrition tricks that you need to improve your fitness & health long-term, I've held nothing back

All The Tools You Need To Successfully Escape your Unhealthy Rut

14 Days of support & accountability
  • Wellbeing Planning -  discover your opportunities & build your plan
  • Fitness Goal Setting - Set realistic, sustainable goals
  • Driving Motivation - create long-term success
  • Health Tracking - measure your progress
  • Nutrition Building - simple, effective eating 
  • Group Online Support - share the journey
  • Daily Education - build your health knowledge
  • Live Expert Q&A - leave no stone unturned

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Start Building the Blueprint to your Healthy Mindset today.



Take the Fast Fit Formula Challenge and in only 14 Days you'll have a program that will put you in the best mindset, provide a realistic fitness program, boost your energy, improve your nutrition and maximise your well-being.