Hello, I'm James Stackhouse.


I'm the head coach at Stacked Fitness. I'm passionate about making fitness accessible and empowering. Getting healthy shouldn't be a slog. My technique makes achieving your wellbeing goal realistic, achievable and fun! 

My Story

Having spent many years working in the corporate sector at a healthcare company, I appreciate the challenges of maintaining your health in the ‘always on’ environment where the lines between work and personal life are becoming ever more blurred.

I understand that heath & fitness goes beyond looking good. In my corporate role I saw how my colleagues suffered from pain as a result of long hours spent at a desk because of muscle weaknesses. And I learned how chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular issues can develop because of poor nutrition and lack of exercise. Plus I witnessed the challenges of poor mental health all around me.

​Having worked on the council of my company’s Health & Wellbeing program I decided to take it to the next level and set up my own company so that I could share my personal experience and start helping others with their health & wellness. 
Having gone through it myself, I know fitness can seem hard and intimidating. My training philosophy is to make individuals feel empowered, strong and supported. As a trainer working with busy professionals, I understand the requirements of time poor people who need rapid, easy to follow exercise and wellbeing programs that achieve results fast and for the long term.

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