You Snooze, You Don't Lose!

The 7 Secrets of a restful night’s sleep revealed

Sleep Webinar Masterclass


Stop Dreaming About Good Sleep 

In only 60 minutes Elina will give you practical tips on how to change your approach to sleep and recalibrate your brain to ensure consistent, nightly rest. She will explain how achieving optimal rest goes way beyond merely improved sleep hygiene.

Experience Elina’s 5-point Sleep Plan and take away strategies you can use to immediately improve your sleep and wake up, fresh, alert & energetic .


Understand how to increase your brainwave flexibility to easily reach a delta brainwave state for deeper sleep.


Learn how to harness your thought patterns that produce ongoing underlying stress. Switch off the racing mind.


Experience how to trigger the relaxation response and accurately read your nervous system.


Develop effective attitudes, strategies and relaxation techniques you can use to get to sleep quickly and easily.


Understand how diet, exercise, and technology affect your sleep patterns.



FREE 7 Secrets to Better Sleep Guide to help get you start sleeping better…tonight!

Meet Elina

Elina Winnel is a leading Sleep expert and master sleep coach.
"I know first hand the devastating effects that lack of sleep has on a person’s life. My experience with chronic insomnia began while working in corporate finance. My life at the time was extremely fast-paced. I was breathless, exhausted, and stress-ridden; sleep deprivation had negatively affected every aspect of my life."

"From the conventional to the unconventional, the scientific to the spiritual, the progressive to the ancient; I scoured the globe to educate myself on the science and art of sleep. Along this journey, I developed my own unique methods to target the key elements critical to restoring the body, mind and soul back to natural sleep. An approach that not only worked, but led to fundamental and positive change."
The Sleep Expert

Take control of your sleep and wake every day fresh and alert to live the energetic life you yearn for.  

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