14 Days to Boot Up your Health & Fitness

'Stack Attack' is a 14 Day Health Kick Starter program that will put you in the best mindset, provide the ultimate exercise program, boost your energy and improve your nutrition.


What are the 4 essential elements you need to finally achieve a happy mind and healthy body?

Here's how you'll benefit from 14 days of expert guidance, nutrition plans, exercise programming, motivation and accountability...


Your Investment is ONLY $49! Plus You'll Also Get 2 x One on One Personal Training Sessions with Me for FREE!

Get ready to kick your body and mind into the best shape in only 14 days!

What is 'Stack Attack'?

I wanted to provide a truly holistic and tailored health & wellbeing program where you can challenge yourself not others to achieve the health & fitness you deserve.

The program is tailored to your ability, knowledge & skillset – which will develop over the program

It is designed to get you to become consistent:

  • Structure – goal setting / planning

  • Education correct exercises / sensible easy nutrition

  • Motivating and supportive

So start thinking about your goals, don’t worry about others & use this as an opportunity to really start making change to your life for the positive.

Your New Body Starts Here!

You have my knowledge to help you succeed with a  14 Day structure to help you form a healthy habit that will springboard you on to even greater things.

I'll provide you with:

  • Accountability

  • Motivation

  • Proven health & wellbeing 

Why are we doing this?

Because we’ve not succeeded in the past.

Previous programs have been inappropriate:

  • Set at the wrong level

  • Not enough support

  • Not habit forming



  • So let’s talk about how the program works and how you can get the most out of it and hit your goals?

    So I’ve taken all of the experience, education from reading studies / attending courses, training individuals and distilled it down into the Stack Attack program.

    Structured around 4 core pillars for success which are critical for you to succeed:


    Try the program, it's the best structured, most supportive way of becoming the healthy person you know you can be.

About Stacked Fitness

Having spent many years working in the corporate sector at a healthcare company, I appreciate the challenges of maintaining your health in the ‘always on’ environment where the lines between work and personal life are becoming ever more blurred.

I understand that heath & fitness goes beyond looking good. In my corporate role I saw how my colleagues suffered from pain as a result of long hours spent at a desk because of muscle weaknesses. And I learned how chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular issues can develop because of poor nutrition and lack of exercise. Plus I witnessed the challenges of poor mental health all around me.

​Having worked on the council of my company’s Health & Wellbeing program I decided to take it to the next level and set up my own company so that I could share my personal experience and start helping others with their health & wellness. 

Having gone through it myself, I know fitness can seem hard and intimidating. My training philosophy is to make individuals feel empowered, strong and supported. As a trainer working with busy professionals, I understand the requirements of time poor people who need rapid, easy to follow exercise and wellbeing programs that achieve results fast and for the long term.

James Stackhouse
Head Coach - Stacked Fitness


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