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What's the absolute best workout, no matter how fit you are or what your goals are?

exercise fat loss fitness mindset weight loss well-being May 19, 2021

People often ask me, what is the best workout I can do?

And I always reply with the same answer. It depends. It depends on what you're looking to achieve, what your goals are, what type of person you are, how motivated you are amongst other considerations.

However, having said that, there is definitely one absolute best workout that I would recommend to everyone, no matter who you are. And that is the workout that you… actually do!

All those planned workouts where you make excuses and don't end up doing them or hit snooze instead of getting up and doing them. They don't count. I'd even put a qualifier in there as well, saying ‘The workout that you actually do… regularly. It's all about consistency. Choose your time, lock it in the diary and get it done.

Also try not to over complicate it or talk yourself out of it. The simplest workouts are the best ones, as you're more likely to do them. They don't have to be really hard workouts designed by Arnie, that style of training is more likely to turn you off and you're not going to end up doing them.

Start with one simple principle, and that is ‘move’, whether that’s playing soccer with the kids, going out for a cycle or for a walk with the dog, it’s something basic as long as you're doing it.

Especially if we’re locked up all day, as in our current situation, we want to make sure we can at least get some get some movement and free the mind as well as the body.

When we're thinking about Movement, we want to think about how the human body moves. So, when designing a basic training plan, I would consider the six basic moment patterns of the human body:

-      Squat

-      Hinge

-      Pull (horizontal / vertical)

-      Push (horizontal / vertical)

-      Rotation

-      Carry

-      Lunge / Gait

So is conclusion:

-      Follow your own body’s basic movement patterns – keep it simple

-      Exercise consistently – lock in a regular time to train

-      Have fun – choose an exercise you enjoy

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