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Fat Loss not Weight Loss

fat loss fitness health weight loss well-being May 24, 2021

Weight Loss or Fat Loss?

Change the word to change your thinking and approach.

Don’t become obsessed with the scales as they don’t always tell the full story.

We often use a specific number (on the scales) as our health and fitness goal and beat ourselves up about it when it fluctuates on a weekly or even daily basis.

The fact is that weight isn’t the be all and end all and it might be more relevant to consider the bigger picture i.e. what do we look like and more importantly feel like.

There are many variables that impact on our weight and these can cause considerable fluctuations over a time period. For example we might not mind retaining or even increasing our weight if we alter our body composition through fat loss and muscles gain.

Reducing fat accumulation around our less visible areas particularly our organs (visceral fat) is highly effective at improving our overall health and reducing our risk of developing chronic health conditions that impact on our longevity.

Generating active tissue (muscle) and reducing inactive tissue (fat) is the key to changing our compositions. So stop obsessing over the scales and start building muscle through a resistance training program, increase your basal metabolism and burn the fat 24hrs a day.

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