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How to Get Started in the Gym

exercise fat loss fitness mindset motivation strength training Oct 29, 2021

If you are going to start using a gym, here are some truths you need to know:

Everybody around you is just as self-conscious as you are. Yes, that super jacked dude. Or that thin (or jacked) fit woman on the elliptical. They aren’t focused on you, because they’re too busy living inside their own head wondering if everybody is thinking about them.

Everybody starts somewhere. You don’t look good so that you can then go to the gym. You go to the gym to get stronger, more confident, and then look good.

MOST will applaud you for trying. When I see somebody who is severely overweight at the gym, it makes me happy – they’re trying to better themselves! That’s freaking AWESOME. This is the mentality 90%+ of the people will have.

MANY will be too self-focused to even notice you. These are the dudes lifting up their shirt in the mirror to check their abs, doing bicep curls in the squat rack, and/or making sure they take photos to post on Facebook to prove they did in fact go to the gym. #Fitspo #Instagram #OtherNonsensicalHashtags

A RARE few will judge. Though, they’re not just judging you, I promise. They’re judging EVERYBODY around you, because they can’t help but compare themselves to others and they’re terrible people. This is no different than in real life. Screw these people, haters gonna hate, slaters gonna slate.

Sure, you can say “people are mean, the gym is scary, I just won’t show up.” But then, the terrorists win. And so do those people. So screw that!.


Instead, this is going to be your gym mentality:

1 - Accept that some people suck (like anywhere in life), and most people are indifferent or focused on being self-conscious themselves. Everybody else will applaud you for trying and being there.

2 - Make an epic Spotify playlist that makes you feel heroic.

3 - Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in.

4 - Keep your headphones on, zone out everybody, and go about your business. Imagine you’re the only one there.

5 - Use 20 seconds of courage when necessary to get you to take action.

6 - Join a class so you can get the workout done for you, meet some fellow gym goers and get confident.

7 - Ask a trainer for advise. Ask them how a machine works, what's a good beginner workout, how to work on a specific goal, they'll be more than happy to help...that's what they're there for.

8 - Go with a friend so you can gain courage & motivation from each other and keep each other accountable. 

We know this can be a huge challenge, so create small goals for yourself and you'll get comfortable in the gym in no time.


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